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12 Best Air Fryers [2024] A Complete Buying Guide

An air fryer is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens due to its oil-free or low-oil cooking method, simple operation, and delicious food preparation. Similar to an electric pressure cooker, an air fryer has become an essential kitchen appliance nowadays.

In this article, you will get to know 12+ best air fryers that are affordable and of high quality, covering the most common brands. It includes Instant Pot Air FryersNinja Air Fryers, and Philips Air Fryers.

Considering safety and efficiency, we strongly recommend Philips Air Fryers. Philips Air Fryer is the founding brand of air fryers and owns almost all patented technologies.

The following two Philips air fryers are the most popular models from Philips. If you don’t have time to read the detailed evaluations in this article, you can confidently choose one of these two models.

Philips HD9650 XXL
Air Fryer
Philips HD9741 XL
Air Fryer
Philips HD9650 XXL 空气炸锅
HD9741 XL
Twin TurboStar Technology
Rapid Air Technology
Suitable for families of 4+
Twin TurboStar Technology
Rapid Air Technology
Suitable for families of 1 to 3

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12 Most Popular Air Fryers

1. High-end luxury Philips air fryer: Philips HD9650 XXL

WHY WE PICK IT: Equipped with Philips’ proprietary Twin TurboStar technology, Rapid Air Fast Wind technology, and grease removal technology, this Philips HD9650 XXL air fryer cooks faster, offers better taste, and has a larger capacity.


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  • Most suitable for: A family of 4-5 people;
  • Capacity: 4 qt;
  • Temperature Control: 104~390°F;
  • Time Control Interval: 60 mins;
  • Control Interface: Digital display and digital control;
  • Power: 1750 watts;
  • Weight: 19 lbs;
  • Size: 12.4” x 12.6” x 17.1”.

Features of Air Fryer

  • With Twin Turbostar technology, it allows the surface of food to be heated more evenly while ensuring that food is crispy outside and tender inside;
  • Equipped with Rapid Air fast wind technology, it can generate 7 times the fast hot air and make the surface of food crisper;
  • Large capacity with the capability of holding a whole chicken;
  • Digital display and digital control, with more accurate temperature control;
  • The amount of oil required can be reduced by 90%;
  • Great cooking efficiency: 1.5 times faster than the oven.
  • Equipped with a removable cooking basket and a non-stick net, it is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean;
  • Philips offers a free APP and recipe books with more than 200 recipes;
  • No need to preheat before cooking;
  • Five presets are offered;
  • Thirty-minute insulation function.

– Review of HD9650 Air Fryer

Philips HD9650 Air Fryer uses Twin Turbostar patented technology and Rapid Air fast wind technology to make food heated more evenly.

Additionally, thanks to the improved fast-wind design, the food turns out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, resulting in a superior taste experience.

This air fryer is the XXL size in the Philips air fryers. With a larger capacity, you can cook a whole chicken directly. This air fryer does not need oil when cooking. Also, oil removal technology can quickly remove more oil and make the diet healthier.

This Philips air fryer features a digital display and digital control, enabling more precise temperature control. Additionally, its sophisticated appearance adds a touch of class to any kitchen. The Philips HD9650 is equipped with a keep-warm function, ensuring that you can enjoy hot and delicious food at any time.

Using this air fryer, there’s no need to preheat your food. It can cook frozen items directly. Furthermore, the detachable cooking basket and non-stick mesh design make cleaning a breeze.

The following video introduces the Philips HD9650 Air Fryer in more detail:

Philips HD9650空气炸锅

Detailed Review: Philips Premium Airfryer XXL

2. Digitally Controlled Philips Air Fryer: Philips HD9741 air fryer

WHY WE PICK IT: If you like digital control, this one must be the best option for you. With TurboStar technology, the food is heated more evenly and the outer crisps are tender. No preheading is required.

Philips HD9741 air fryer

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  • Most Suitable for A family of 3-4;
  • Capacity: 3 qt, cook up to 2 pounds of food;
  • Temperature Control: 180~390°F;
  • Time Control Interval: 60 mins;
  • Control Interface: Digital display and digital control;
  • Power: 1425 watts;
  • Weight: 15 lbs;
  • Size: 10.5” x 11.3” x 14.4”.

Features of Air fryer

  • Equipped with Turbostar technology, it makes the surface of food more evenly heated while ensuring that the food is crispy and tender inside;
  • Equipped with a digital display and digital control, with a temperature control interval is 5 °F;
  • Equipped with a removable cooking basket and a non-stick net, it is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean;
  • Philips offers free apps and recipe books that provide more than 200 recipes;
  • No need to preheat;
  • Four presets make the operation easier;
  • 30-minute insulation function.

– Review of HD9741 Air Fryer

The Philips HD9641 Air Fryer uses Turbostar patented technology, which allows the food to be heated more evenly (up to 50%). As a result, the food is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, making it even more delicious. Moreover, this air fryer can reduce up to 75% of fat during cooking, making the food healthier.

Digital display and control improve temperature precision for cooking. The sleek design adds style to any kitchen.

The Philips HD9641 also features a keep-warm function. With this air fryer, there’s no need to preheat food, and it can directly cook frozen items, saving time.

The detachable cooking basket and non-stick mesh design make cleaning quick and easy, completing the process in just 90 seconds.

The following video introduces Philips HD9641 Air Fryer in more detail:

Philips HD9741 空气炸锅 740x415 1

Detailed Review: Philips Air Fryers

3. The Most Suitable Multi-Functional Air Fryer for Large Families: Instant Vortex Plus 6 Quart Air Fryer

Instant Vortex Plus 6 Quart Air Fryer 538x480 1

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  • Capacity: 6 quarts;
  • Suitable number of users: a large family of 4 or more;
  • Heating temperature range: 95℉ to 400℉;
  • Control interface: touch and knob;
  • Weight: 16.12 lbs;
  • Size: 14.92” x 12.36” x 12.83”.

Features of Air Fryer

  • Six quarts of large capacity to meet the needs of large families without taking up too much space;
  • Six functions in one with a variety of food to cook;
  • Intuitive large display screen.

– Review of Instant Vortex Plus –

This kitchen appliance is a six-in-one device that can air fry, bake, dehydrate, reheat, and heat food.

With the air frying function, you can cook delicious dishes such as French fries, fried onion rings, and chicken wings. Additionally, the dehydration function allows you to make dried fruits and other snacks. The reheating function is perfect for heating frozen foods like pizza and French fries. For the best results, use the heating range of 95℉ to 400℉ to cook different ingredients at the most suitable temperature.

Overall, this air fryer is versatile and could help you prepare a variety of meals with ease. Meanwhile, the large six-quart storage basket can prepare meals for the whole family.

The body is made of brushed stainless steel, and the combination of gray silver and carbon black shows the texture. The control panel is combined with touch buttons and knobs, and the large digital display allows intuitive control of the heating temperature and progress. It is one of the best air fryer options for large families.

Detailed Review: Instant Pot Air Fryers

4. The Most Established Air Fryer: Philips Essential Airfryer Compact

Philips Essential Airfryer Compact 4.1L 449x480 1

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Philips Essential Airfryer Compact 6.2L 492x480 1

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  • Capacity: 4.1L / 6.2L;
  • Suitable for: 4 / 5 servings;
  • Control Interface: Touch controls;
  • Dimensions: 13.31” x 13.31” x 13.98” / 15.1” x 15.1” x 14.2”;
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs / 12.53 lbs.

Features of Air Fryer

  • The upgraded appearance enhances the visual appeal and texture while increasing the ease and convenience of operation.

– Review of Philips Essential Compact

Philips, the pioneer brand of air fryers, has introduced its new Essential Airfryer series. After over a decade of continuous craftsmanship improvement, they have developed a patented Rapid Air Technology. This technology circulates hot air from the top element in various angles and directions, maximizing food contact for faster cooking. The cooked food is crispy on the outside while remaining tender and juicy inside, overcoming the traditional dryness associated with air fryer-cooked food.

The series offers two sizes, 4.1L and 6.2L, suitable for small and large families. The design is classic, with an upgraded control interface featuring seven presets for common foods, quick selection via the menu, and easy custom cooking times.

Additionally, Philips offers an air fryer App with hundreds of recipes, making it easier to cook different dishes.

5. The Most Efficient Air Fryer: Ninja DZ201 Foodi 2-Basket Air Fryer

Ninja DZ201 Foodi 2-Basket Air Fryer

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  • Capacity: 8 quarts;
  • Suitable for: Families of 4 or more;
  • Heating Temperature Range: 105℉ to 450℉;
  • Control Interface: Touch controls;
  • Power: 1690 watts;
  • Dimensions: 18.58” x 16.3” x 15.83”
  • Weight: 23.4 lbs.

Features of Air Fryer

  • Equipped with two separate 4-quart baskets, each capable of different cooking modes;
  • Multiple cooking modes are available;
  • Simple and clear interface for easy cooking settings.

– Review of Ninja DZ201 Air Fryer –

This unique dual-basket air fryer allows for independent and simultaneous operation of different cooking methods on each side. It offers six modes: air frying, air roasting, baking, roasting, reheating, and dehydrating, significantly reducing the time needed for preparing various dishes.

The touch control interface is user-friendly, simplifying the selection of cooking modes, temperature, and time. With two 4-quart baskets, it meets the diverse culinary needs of families from 3-4 members to larger households, adding flexibility to kitchen cooking processes.

Detailed Review: Ninja Air Fryers

6. Amazon Bestselling Air Fryer: Ninja AF101

WHY WE PICK IT: As one of Amazon’s top-selling air fryers, it sells over 4,000 units per month and is highly favored by consumers.

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

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  • Ideal for: Families of 3-5 members;
  • Capacity: 4qt, can cook up to 2 pounds of food;
  • Temperature Control Range: 105-400°F;
  • Control Interface: Digital display and controls;
  • Power: 1550 watts;
  • Weight: 11 lbs;
  • Dimensions: 11” x 13.3” x 13.6”.

Features of Air Fryer

  • Affordable, priced under $100;
  • Bestseller on Amazon;
  • Over 4,324 ratings on Amazon with a score above 4.8/5;
  • Highly sought after with over 2,500 monthly searches on Google;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Features 4 preset functions: air fry, roast, preheat, and dehydrate;
  • Not as convenient to operate as the Philips air fryer.

– Review of Ninja AF101 –

The Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is highly popular on Amazon and Google Shopping. It offers a temperature range from 105 to 400°F, suitable for cooking various types of food. Its dehydrate function, combined with low-temperature settings, allows for making crispy fried peanuts and other delicacies.

Additionally, the tray, non-stick net, and multi-layer rack are dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean and maintain.

A detailed video further highlights several features of this air fryer:

Ninja AF101空气炸锅

7. Best Compact Air Fryer: Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer

Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer

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  • Capacity: 2 quarts;
  • Suitable for: 1 to 2 people;
  • Cooking Modes: 4 types;
  • Control Interface: Combination of touch and knob controls;
  • Size: 12.8” x 12.8” x 10.9”;
  • Weight: 8.53 lbs.

Features of Air Fryer

  • Compact design;
  • Bright body color.

– Review of Instant Vortex –

Instant’s compact air fryer offers a 2-quart capacity, ideal for quickly preparing meals for 1 to 2 people. The compact design fits well in small kitchens and can be easily stored or left on the countertop without taking up much space.

It features 4 cooking modes, including air frying, baking, broiling, and reheating, making it versatile for various dishes.

Additionally, its bright and lively design adds a vibrant touch to the kitchen.

8. Best All-in-One Multifunctional Air Fryer: Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer Lid

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer Lid

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  • Capacity: 8 quarts;
  • Suitable for: Families of 4 or more;
  • Heating Temperature Range: 105℉ to 400℉;
  • Control Interface: Touch controls;
  • Power: 1500 watts;
  • Size: 14.76” x 13.58” x 15.28”;
  • Weight: 22.18 lbs.

Features of Air Fryer

  • It offers up to eleven cooking modes, enabling the preparation of various dishes with a single appliance;
  • It features more than ten safety mechanisms, providing ample protection for safe usage.

– Review of Instant Pot Duo Crisp –

The all-in-one Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer operates with up to eleven different cooking functions. These include air frying, baking, roasting, dehydrating, pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, yogurt making, steaming, sautéing, sterilizing, and food warming. Simply prepare the ingredients and sequentially place them in the multifunctional pot for easy cooking.

This high-performance appliance prioritizes safety, offering over ten features including overheat protection and child safety lock, ensuring peace of mind for families preparing a variety of dishes.

9. The Lightest Air Fryer: Dash Compact Air Fryer

Dash Compact Air Fryer

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  • Capacity: 2 quarts;
  • Suitable for: 1 to 2 people;
  • Time Control Range: Up to 30 minutes;
  • Control Interface: Knob;
  • Dimensions: 10.2” x 8.1” x 11.4”;
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs.

Features of Air Fryer

  • Bright and vivid color options;
  • Ultra-light body weight;
  • Extremely simple operational settings.

– Review of Dash Compact Air Fryer –

The Dash Compact Air Fryer features a signature curved design and bright colors, perfect for a youthful kitchen style, adding visual delight during cooking. Its simple operation with a timer and temperature knob makes it easy to set for any ingredient.

The air fryer is exceptionally lightweight, about half the weight of a standard air fryer, making it versatile for various kitchens and even for travel. It’s portable and convenient, allowing you to enjoy healthy, low-fat fried foods wherever there’s an electrical outlet.

10. Affordable Philips Air Fryer with a high quality: Philips HD9621 Air Fryer

WHY WE PICK IT: This Philips air fryer, priced near $100, is a great deal. It features TurboStar patented technology, ensuring product quality and excellent food texture.

Philips HD9621 Air Fryer

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  • Ideal for: Families of 3-4 members;
  • Capacity: 2.75 qt, can cook up to 1.8 lbs of food;
  • Time Control Range: Up to 30 minutes;
  • Control Interface: Knob control;
  • Power: 1300 watts;
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs;
  • Size: 14” x 10” x 11”.

Features of Air Fryer

  • The only Philips air fryer under $100;
  • It features TurboStar technology for even heating and crispy outside and tender inside;
  • It comes with a detachable basket and non-stick mesh, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean;
  • No preheating needed\;
  • Extremely easy to use with just two knobs for settings;
  • Compact and sleek body;
  • Automatic shut-off feature;
  • Non-digital display, so temperature control is not very precise (-);
  • No keep-warm function (-);
  • The 2.75 qt capacity might be limiting for some (-).

– Review of Philips HD9621 –

The Philips HD9621/96 Air Fryer utilizes the patented TurboStar technology for even heating, improving heating uniformity by 50%. This design ensures crispy exteriors and tender interiors. It can reduce up to 75% of fats in cooking, making meals healthier.

Despite its basic appearance with two knobs, the fryer is user-friendly—one knob for time and another for temperature.

No preheating is required, streamlining the cooking process. The removable basket and non-stick mesh make cleaning quick, taking just 90 seconds.

The video below further explains the unique TurboStar technology of Philips:

Philips HD9621 空气炸锅

11. Best Cooking Performance Air Fryer: Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker

Ninja FD401 Foodi 8 Quart 9 in 1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker 464x480 1

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  • Capacity: 8 quarts;
  • Suitable for: Families of 4 or more;
  • Control Interface: Touch and knob controls;
  • Power: 1760 watts;
  • Dimensions: 16.1” x 14.57” x 14.2”;
  • Weight: 26.04 lbs.

Features of Air Fryer

  • It combines a pressure cooker and an air fryer, along with up to eight other cooking modes, allowing for various dishes to be prepared in one pot;
  • Different inner pots are used to achieve better cooking results;
  • It features 14 safety functions, ensuring safe usage and peace of mind while enjoying delicious meals.

– Review of Ninja FD401 –

The Ninja FD401 Foodi features two lids, enabling it to function both as a pressure cooker and an air fryer. Its 8-quart ceramic pot is large enough to cook a whole chicken. The provided cooking rack allows for the simultaneous preparation of different ingredients without mixing them, such as meat on top and vegetables below, enhancing flavor absorption.

Additionally, it includes a 5-quart fry basket for convenient frying tasks. Made with safe materials, the pot is equipped with 14 safety features, ensuring peace of mind whether using the pressure cooker or air fryer functions.

12. Best Traditional Oven Style Air Fryer: Instant Vortex Pro / Omni Plus / Omni Plus XL

Instant Vortex Pro Air Fryer 空气炸锅

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Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer 空气炸锅 620x520 1

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Instant Omni Plus XL 空气炸锅

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Instant Vortex ProInstant Omni PlusInstant Omni Plus XL
Capacity10 quarts18L26L
Heating Temperature Range95℉-400℉170℉-450℉/
No. of Functions91011
Control InterfaceTouch keysTouch keys and knobsButtons and knobs
Dimension13.75 x 14.37 x 13.23”16.53 x 15.74 x 13.89”17.68 x 16.34 x 14.39”
Weight17.53 lbs29.4 lbs26.1 lbs

Features of Air Fryer

  • It combines air fryer functions with a traditional oven, utilizing conventional operation methods to prepare a variety of innovative dishes;

– Review of Instant Vortex –

This all-in-one kitchen appliance combines air fryer and traditional oven functions, offering a variety of cooking methods in one device. In addition to basic air frying and baking, these appliances feature broiling, dehydrating, toast baking, and reheating.

The capacities and functions increase across the three models, with the Omni series supporting the heating or baking of 12-inch pizzas. The Omni Plus, with its larger size, also includes a proofing function for more diverse cooking options.

These appliances feature a sleek, industrial design, adding a professional cooking ambiance to any kitchen, and are ideal for effortlessly preparing delicious meals with their versatile features.

13. Stylish and Modern Air Fryer: Dash DFAF455 Air Fryer

WHY WE PICK IT: Affordable, spacious, and competitively priced. This fryer also features an automatic shut-off function. Available in multiple colors for choice.

Dash DFAF455 空气炸锅 黑色 446x520 1

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Dash DFAF455 空气炸锅 白色 457x520 1

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Dash DFAF455 空气炸锅 红色 465x520 1

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  • Best suited for: Families of 5 or more;
  • Capacity: 6 quarts;
  • Temperature control range: 176~392°F;
  • Time control range: 30 minutes;
  • Control interface: Knob control;
  • Power: 1700 watts;
  • Weight: 16 lbs;
  • Dimensions: 12.5” x 14.8” x 14.8”.

Features of Air Fryer

  • The design is modern, with four available colors, allowing for better kitchen color coordination;
  • It features a knob design for simple operation;
  • It has an automatic shut-off function to prevent overcooking of food;
  • The food basket and non-stick mesh are dishwasher-safe;
  • Affordably priced with a high cost-performance ratio;
  • It would be even better if it had a dehydration function (-).

– Review of Dash DFAF455 –

The Dash 6QT Air Fryer is perfect for large families of 5 or more, offering a stylish design in four colors: black, white, red, and green. It features Air Crisp technology to remove excess oil from food for healthier eating. The knob controls make it user-friendly, and the cooking basket and non-stick tray are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Please refer to the following video for a simple demonstration of how to use the Dash 6QT Air Fryer.

Dash 6QT 空气炸锅的使用方法

14. The most Affordable Air Fryer: GoWISE 22638 Air Fryer

WHY WE PICK IT: The most affordable and budget-friendly air fryer ($57), both inexpensive and highly praised.

GoWISE 22638 Air Fryer

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  • Best for: Families of 3-4 people;
  • Capacity: 3.7 quarts;
  • Temperature Control Range: 170 ~ 400°F;
  • Time Control Range: 30 minutes;
  • Control Interface: Digital display and digital control;
  • Power: 1400 watts;
  • Weight: 13 lbs;
  • Size: 8” x 8” x 12”.

Features of Air Fryer

  • The main reason for recommending this air fryer is its price, under $60;
  • It has nearly 4,000 ratings on Amazon, with a score of 4.4/5;
  • Available in four colors: black, white, red, and purple;
  • Eight preset functions for easier operation;
  • It is equipped with a digital display and controls for more precise temperature control;
  • It comes with a recipe book featuring 50 dishes;
  • After some time, the exterior coating of the air fryer may peel off (-);
  • It is not easy to clean (-).

– Review of GoWISE 22638 –

The GoWISE 22638 Air Fryer is an affordable option for those on a budget. It also offers a 2.75-quart capacity, making it suitable for small households or individuals.

The temperature control ranges from 175°F to 400°F, and it has a timer that can be set for up to 30 minutes. The control interface is simple, with knob controls. While it may not have all the advanced features of higher-end models, it provides a cost-effective way to enjoy air-fried foods.

The video below provides a detailed introduction to the GoWISE Air Fryer:

GoWISE 空气炸锅

What is an air fryer?

The inside of the air fryer is a small oven with convective air. When cooking food, the high temperature and strong air convection will heat the food quickly.

At the same time, the air fryer will make the surface of the food lose moisture and become crisp during cooking. When cooking fatty foods, such as steak, chicken nuggets, etc., the air fryer can even force out the grease of the food with high temperature and high convection air. Therefore, the ingredients can “fry themselves” to use the least or even no oil to obtain aromatic food.

There are many frozen fast food products at grocery stores in the United States. After bringing them home, the usual and traditional cooking method is frying or baking. The former will bring a lot of extra grease to food. The latter consumes a lot of electricity and is troublesome to clean.

But if you use an air fryer to deal with this frozen fast food, it can be done in 1-5 minutes, and the flavor is super good.

As is wholesome, convenient, and efficient to cook delicious food with less energy, the air fryer has been recognized as one of the favorite products by the market in such a short time.

How does the air fryer work?

The operation principle of air fryers is very simple, that is, to heat food in an all-around way through high-temperature and convection air.

  • High temperature is used to heat and cook food. The heating elements of air fryers are concentrated in a sealed environment when cooking, so the heating efficiency is very high, which can quickly heat the food to the ideal state in a very short time to avoid over-cooking the food.
  • High convective air simulates the deep-frying environment. The reason why fried food looks crisp is that during the deep-frying process, high-temperature hot oil completely wraps the outer layer of the ingredients and dehydrates the surface of the ingredients. The air fryer replaces it with high-temperature convective air, which also removes the water from the surface of the ingredients to guarantee a crisp taste.

When using an air fryer, it often only takes a few simple steps, roughly including:

  • Prepare ingredients: washing, pre-seasoning, pickling, etc.
  • Put the prepared ingredients evenly in the basket. This step is relatively important because the air fryer is not like the normal fryer. When cooking in the traditional fryer, you need to stir continuously to make the heating even. However, the air fryer creates a sealed environment, so it is necessary to ensure that the food is evenly dispersed in the basket. Therefore, convection air could pass through all ingredients.
  • Stir the food in the basket. This is an optional step. For some thicker ingredients, such as steak, chicken nuggets, potato cakes, etc., you can stir them several times during cooking.
  • Take out the delicious and cool it down a little bit. When cooking with the air fryer, the cooking time is generally very short. After the time is over, take out the basket, cool the food on the plate, and finally season it. The whole cooking process of the food is very simple.

The air fryer is always easy to clean, which is also a major advantage compared with the traditional fryer or ovens.

  • In a traditional fryer, after cooking, there will be a lot of oil to deal with, and it is quite hard to clean it up.
  • If using the oven, you need to clean the tray and the inner wall of the whole oven.
  • However, the air fryer cooks the food in a basket. The basket can generally be cleaned in the dishwasher. The inner wall of the air fryer only needs to be gently wiped with a little cleaner, because there is almost no greasy during the cooking process.

Is the air fryer healthy? Will it cause cancer?

The shortest and most direct answer is: NO.

The air fryer is a completely healthy and easy-to-operate cooking utensil. Below, this article analyzes one by one from several aspects:

1. Way of Cooking

Compared with traditional fryers, air fryers are certainly healthier.

Conventional fryers use hot oil to cook food, which tends to remove water from the food. But, instead of removing water, the oil penetrates into the food, making it unhealthy. Additionally, hot oil contains a high amount of calories, which increases the calorie count of fried food.

When it comes to cooking, the air fryer is a great option as it only extracts water from the surface of the ingredients, and doesn’t add much oil or calories to the food after cooking. In comparison to traditional frying, the air fryer can reduce the calorie count in food by almost 80%. It’s not only healthy but also tastes delicious. In other words, air frying is a smart way to cook your food without feeling guilty or compromising on taste.

Although it cannot be simply believed that the food cooked by air fryers does not have all the problems of traditional fried food, there is no denying that air fryers cook healthier food.

So MedicalNewstoday suggests that it is not enough to just replace your traditional fryers with air fryers to have a healthy diet. What else you need to do is to add more fruits, vegetables, grains, and food containing high-quality protein into your diet.

“While air fryers are capable of providing more healthful food options than deep fryers, limiting fried food intake altogether can significantly benefit a person’s health.

Just replacing all deep-fried foods with air-fried foods in no way guarantees a healthful diet.

For optimal health, people should focus on a diet filled with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein.”


2. Food Quality

Fried food can have harmful effects on our bodies. These effects stem not only from the high amount of oil and calories present in such food but also from the carcinogenic substances produced at high temperatures. These substances are created partly from certain ingredients in the food and partly from the hot oil used in the frying process. Examples of such substances include acrylamide and more.

In the fried food of the air fryer, these negative products produced by high temperature cannot be guaranteed to be 100% free, but the food cooked in a relatively healthy environment can at least avoid the carcinogens produced in a large amount of hot oil, and the remaining amount has little impact on the human body.

3. Materials of the air fryer

Most of the words like “the air fryer is carcinogenic” on the Internet refer that the material of the air fryer may be carcinogenic, such as the material of parts like the basket and heating components, etc.

However, the air fryers currently on the market, as long as they belong to eligible brands (such as Philips air fryers), have been technically identified and tested, and are safe to use.

So, those “air fryers cause cancer” on the Internet are nonsense. This argument is equivalent to saying that “no sticky pot causes cancer”, which is completely a gimmick.

Tips: Best Non-stick Cookers and How to Choose

However, we also want to remind you that: when you buy an air fryer, it is essential to choose one with a high quality, which will be a nicer care for the health of your family.

Is an air fryer good to use?

Assessing whether an air fryer is good to use depends on individual preferences. Generally, air fryers are known for being convenient, quick, and health-conscious cooking appliances. They allow fast cooking while preserving the nutritional value of food and are lauded for their easy cleanup and time efficiency.

However, their suitability depends on the types of food you intend to cook, and the crispiness of fried items may vary. Ultimately, whether an air fryer is a good choice depends on personal taste and specific cooking needs.

Is it better to buy an oven or an air fryer?

Ovens and air fryers each have their advantages and drawbacks.

Ovens are ideal for baking foods like bread, cakes, and pizzas. They typically have larger capacities and can cook multiple items simultaneously, with adjustable temperature and cooking time. Ovens are versatile for roasting vegetables, meats, and fruits, making them practical.

Air fryers, on the other hand, are designed for frying foods like chicken nuggets, dumplings, and mashed potatoes. They use hot air circulation to evenly cook food, preserving color, texture, and nutrition. Air fryers reduce the use of oil, promoting healthier cooking.

The choice between an oven and an air fryer depends on your specific cooking needs:

  • Cooking Method: Ovens use convection heating, while air fryers use hot air circulation.
  • Food Texture: Ovens typically produce crispy results, while air fryers create softer textures.
  • Caloric Content: Ovens may have higher calorie output due to longer cooking times, while air fryers cook faster and maybe healthier.
  • Size: Ovens are usually larger and take up more space, while air fryers are compact.
  • Cleaning: Ovens can be challenging to clean, while air fryers are often easier.
  • Price: Ovens tend to be more expensive due to their complexity and features, while air fryers are generally more affordable due to their simplicity and limited functions.

What are the common brands of air fryers?

1. Philips Air Fryers

Philips is the pioneer of air fryers. Since the launch of the first air fryer in 2010, Philips has been leading the advanced technologies of air fryers with almost all the patents.

Philips has been introducing multiple series of new products since the launch of its first air fryer in 2010. They have continuously improved the craftsmanship of their cooking appliances by upgrading internal components such as heating and fan elements, as well as the frying basket, to provide consumers with the best air frying experience.

At present, the latest cyclone starfish chassis design. After the high-speed fan blows hot air into the lower space, the hot air flow is evenly dispersed and rises from multiple angles through the starfish-shaped chassis, thereby greatly increasing the contact with the food in the basket. The area ensures that all ingredients can be heated quickly and evenly.

At the same time, Philips also launched the NutirU healthy recipe app to help consumers simply use the air fryer to make food.

Therefore, you can’t go wrong when choosing Philips air fryer, whether it is cooking efficiency, taste, or product quality, it is the best.

Philips H9621/96Low price, Good quality$168.50
2.75 qt
Philips HD9741Digital Control, and Fancy Design$249.95
3 qt
Philips HD9650Large capacity, Patented technologies$299.95
4 qt

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4. Ninja Air Fryers

Ninja is a kitchen appliance brand affiliated with SharkNinja, which was established in 1995 and registered the Ninja brand in 2017.

Ninja’s product line consists of small kitchen appliances, including drip coffee machines, cooking machines, mini ovens, and air fryers.

Its air fryer is highly praised by users for having one of the widest heating ranges available on the market. This means that the Ninja air fryer can not only fry food at high temperatures but also dry food at low temperatures.

The most unique feature of the Ninja air fryer is that it has a double basket design with independent temperature control, allowing two dishes to be cooked simultaneously.

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2. Instant Pot Air Fryers

Instant Pot Air Fryer is a kitchen cooking appliance manufactured by Instant Pot, an experienced company established in 2009. The company has launched a wide range of kitchen appliances, including pressure cookers, stew pots, rice cookers, etc., which have proven to offer excellent cooking results.

Therefore, the air fryer produced by Instant Pot was quickly recognized by the market. All Instant Pot products are characterized by integrating a variety of cooking appliances.

The well-designed control components, pot liners, operating elements, etc., can satisfy a variety of cooking in one pot, such as three-in-one, six-in-one or even The big-selling 11-in-1 can be used for roasting, stewing, frying, and other dishes in the same pot, which greatly saves the space occupied by the kitchen pots and utensils.

5. Dash Air Fryers

Dash air fryer is one of the small kitchen appliances produced by the American allergy brand DASH. As an old American kitchen appliance, Dash’s main features are compact shape and stylish appearance, and this is the most important place for the younger generation of consumers.

The DASH air fryer comes in a range of colors, breaking away from the traditional black and adding vibrancy to your kitchen. Its compact design allows for easy storage in various kitchen cabinets.

It is ideal for young people living in small apartments who need a compact kitchen appliance that can be used in a separate space. Additionally, the DASH air fryer offers excellent air frying capabilities, allowing you to quickly cook tasty low-fat food.

6. GoWise Air Fryers

GoWise is a kitchen appliance brand that is affiliated with Ming’s Mark in Arizona, USA and is dedicated to producing kitchen appliances that make healthy cooking easy for consumers. Their main focus was on designing and manufacturing electric pressure cookers in the past.

However, they have now expanded their product line to include air fryers as well. These air fryers are available in basic knob models with a single function, as well as high-end touch models that can achieve eight-in-one functions and prepare a variety of dishes in one pot.

GoWise’s many years of experience in designing and manufacturing electric pressure cookers have enabled them to provide sufficient safety support in their air fryers, ensuring that users can use them safely to prepare food.

6. Tefal Air Fryers

Tefal air fryers are known for their quality, offering a range of features like timers, keep-warm functions, and scheduling capabilities. They are designed with non-porous coatings for easy cleaning and incorporate stable temperature control systems to ensure consistent cooking.

Tefal air fryers also boast sleek and minimalist designs that complement kitchen decor. Overall, Tefal air fryers are high-quality, feature-rich, easy to clean, and offer reliable performance, making them a recommended choice.

7. Cuisinart Air Fryers

Cuisinart, a renowned kitchenware brand, produces air fryers known for their efficient hot air circulation technology, ensuring fast and even cooking.

These fryers offer multiple temperature and time settings for versatile cooking needs. They come with easy-to-clean non-stick pans and transparent glass lids for convenient progress monitoring. In summary, Cuisinart air fryers are efficient, convenient, and practical cooking appliances, making them a recommended choice.

8. Breville Air Fryers

Breville is an Australian home appliance brand known for high-quality kitchen appliances, including coffee makers, air fryers, and ovens.

Breville’s air fryers feature an efficient heating and fan system for quick and even food heating. They have a unique design for cooking healthy food without added oil. Breville’s air fryers also offer multiple preset functions for the convenient preparation of various delicious dishes and have a user-friendly control interface. Overall, Breville is an excellent brand for air fryers worth considering.

9. Black + Decker Air Fryers

Black + Decker is a well-known household appliance brand offering a range of products, including air fryers. Their air fryers are widely popular for their efficiency, practicality, and ease of use, making them an ideal choice for home kitchens.

These air fryers utilize advanced hot air circulation technology to quickly and evenly heat food, preserving its flavor. Additionally, they come equipped with various safety features such as automatic shutdown and overheating protection to ensure safe usage.

In summary, Black + Decker air fryers are excellent household appliances suitable for home kitchens, providing convenient, fast, and healthy cooking experiences.

How to choose an air fryer?

When picking the air fryer for you, several factors could be considered:

1. First and Foremost, Trustworthy Brands

For example, Philips, Cosori, etc. are relatively well-known brands. The reason why you should pay attention to the brand first is that since the air fryer is a tool for cooking, brands with good reputations will use safe and reliable materials to produce, and their products have gone through many tests to prove their safety to the human body and the safety in the cooking process. Without these guarantees, no matter how good the function is, it is not suitable for cooking.

2. The Capacity of Air Fryers

Since most cooking methods of the air fryer need to put the food evenly, the amount of cooking per time will be limited. Then an air fryer with a large enough tank, such as 4L or even 5L, can cook for a large family in less time.

Small-capacity air fryers such as 1.5L or 2L are more suitable for single or double people, and the cooking process will not cause waste of resources.

Also, the power corresponding to the volume is the basic element to ensure that the air fryer can work normally and effectively. High power combined with a small volume will cause a waste of resources. Low power combined with large volume will prolong the cooking time and cause food to be overcooked.

3. Functions of Air Fryers

Air fryers are equipped with temperature control. 180 °F ~ 400 °F is a common temperature control adjustment requirement. The finer the temperature adjustment interval, the higher the ability to accurately adjust the cooking temperature.

When it comes to the control panel, knob control or digital touch is currently the mainstream on the market:

  • The knob looks more mechanical and has relatively simple functions. Most of them are only used to adjust temperature and time. Some products combine knob design and digitalization, such as Philips HD9650 Air Fryer.
  • Digital touch is relatively more precise, and some common dish cooking functions will be added to further simplify the operation process of air fryers, such as Cosori MAX XL, etc.

4. Cleaning

Although the air fryer can cook without adding extra oil, it will force out the oil from the food itself. So the air fryer, after cooking, still needs a certain amount of degreasing treatment. Whether the inner tank of the air fryer can be completely disassembled and dishwasher-safe is another key point to determine its convenience.

Next, we will introduce several air fryers recommended above one by one, including some of their basic statistics and the pros and cons:

What are the differences between an air fryer and an oven?

Air fryers are often compared to ovens, specifically convection ovens, due to their shared heating and fan elements. The key differences lie in their heating methods, cooking focuses, food placement, size, and power consumption.

Air FryerOven/Convection Oven
Heating methodHigh-speed and high-heat airflow brought by high-speed fansHeating tube or heating tube heating & fan
Heating MechanismHigh temperatures and high wind speed remove moisture from the surface of foodThe overall high-temperature cooking environment brought by the heating tube
Cooking MechanismSpread on a baking sheetHigh temperature cooks food evenly inside and out
Food placementIn a concentrated frying basketSpread on baking sheet
Energy ConsumptionLowRelatively Large

Top 10 recipes for cooking with an air fryer

More and more kitchen masters have unlocked the multi-functional use of air fryers. They are no longer limited to basic operations such as French fries and chicken nuggets. Advanced versions include some dishes such as salted shrimp and steamed pork ribs. Want to try new forces in the kitchen appliance industry to bring you healthier delicacies?

The list of several air fryer recipes is as follows:

1. Air fryer grilled chicken wings

  • Serving size: 4 servings
  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 20 minutes

Raw Materials

  • 800g chicken wings
  • 20 grams of fresh soy sauce
  • 15g fuel consumption
  • 5 g salt
  • 5g sugar
  • 5 grams pepper
  • 15 grams garlic
  • Pepper to taste


  • Wash chicken wings and wipe dry. The surface can be marked.
  • Mince garlic, mix well with chicken wings with all seasonings, massage for about 5 minutes, seal in plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight.
  • Take out the chicken wings, spread them evenly in the frying basket, and put them in the air fryer.
  • The air fryer is turned on at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.
  • When cooking for about 12 minutes, stop heating, take out the fried blue, turn all the chicken wings over, put the fried blue back into the air fryer, and continue heating until the end.
  • After cooking, take out the frying basket carefully, take out the chicken wings, and put it on a plate.

2. French fries

  • Serving size: 4 servings
  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 30 minutes

Raw Materials

  • 600g potatoes
  • Moderate amount of oil
  • Amount of salt


  • Peel and wash the potatoes, and cut into potato strips 1 cm to 1.5 cm thick.
  • Rinse under running water to absorb the starch content, and then use kitchen paper to absorb the water.
  • Add salt and oil to the French fries after absorbing the water, and stir well so that each frie is covered with oil and salt.
  • Pour into the frying basket, put into the air fryer, and set 180 degrees Celsius, for 30 minutes.
  • Pause heating for about 15 minutes, remove the flipping, observe the cooking situation of the potatoes by the way, and then continue heating until the surface of the fries is golden brown.
  • Remove the French fries and eat after cooling.

3. Fried peanuts

  • Serving size: 2 servings
  • Preparation time: 3 minutes
  • Cooking time: 10 minutes

Raw Materials

  • 150 g peanuts
  • 1/2 teaspoon cooking oil
  • Proper amount of salt


  • Rinse the peanuts and dry them with kitchen paper.
  • Add edible oil and stir well.
  • Pour into the frying basket, add to the air fryer, set 180 degrees Celsius, for 10 minutes, and start heating.
  • When it is heated to 8 minutes, stop heating, take it out, and gently shake and turn it over.
  • After the heating is over, take out the fried blue, pour out the peanuts, let it cool, sprinkle with a little salt, and shake well.

4. Salt Baked Shrimp

  • Serving size: 4 servings
  • Preparation time: 15 minutes
  • Cooking time: 18 minutes

Raw Materials

  • 800g prawns
  • Appropriate amount of green onion and ginger
  • 15 grams of cooking wine
  • 10 g white vinegar
  • 10 g sugar
  • Appropriate amount of coarse salt


  • Pick out the prawns, clean them, and drain the water.
  • Add the shallots, ginger slices, cooking wine, white vinegar, and sugar, mix well, and drown for 10 minutes.
  • Take out the fryer, spread a layer of coarse salt on the bottom of the pan, spread the prawns evenly on the coarse salt, and then spread a layer of coarse salt on the prawns, and spread the prawns on the coarse salt in this overlapping order, the last The layer is coarse salt, the amount is about 3/4 of the fryer.
  • Put the fryer into the air fryer, set 200 degrees Celsius, 18 minutes total, and start cooking.
  • Immediately after cooking, take out the fryer, remove the prawns from the coarse salt, and let them cool before serving.

5. Fried spring rolls

  • Serving size: 4 servings
  • Preparation time: 2 minutes
  • Cooking time: 16 minutes

Raw Material

  • A pack of frozen Vietnamese spring rolls


  • Take out the frozen Vietnamese frozen spring rolls without thawing.
  • Place the spring rolls flat in the frying basket. Brush the front and back of the spring rolls with a thin layer of oil to increase the texture. Move the frying basket into the air fryer.
  • Set 180°C for 16 minutes, and start running.
  • When heating to about 10 minutes, pause the air fryer, take out the frying basket, turn each spring roll over, put it back into the air fryer, and continue heating.
  • After heating, take out the spring rolls and enjoy after cooling.

6. Grilled Salmon

  • Serving size: 2 servings
  • Preparation time: 20 minutes
  • Cooking time: 20 minutes

Raw Materials

  • 500g salmon
  • Some salt, black pepper, olive oil, lemon juice


  • Wash the salmon and absorb the water with kitchen paper.
  • Sprinkle with olive oil, salt, and pepper, gently massage, turn it over, and also sprinkle with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and gently massage again.
  • Drizzle with lemon juice and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • Spread the salmon flat in the frying basket and place the frying basket in the air fryer. Set 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, and start running.
  • After the heating is over, carefully take out the frying basket, transfer the salmon to the plate, and enjoy it.

7. Fried lamb chops

  • Serving size: 3 servings
  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 8 minutes

Raw Materials

  • 600g lamb chops
  • Some salt, pepper, and olive oil


  • Wash the lamb chops and absorb the moisture with kitchen paper.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil, gently massage with your hands to help the flavor penetrate into the lamb, turn it over, and do the same on the other side. Let it rest for a while after finishing.
  • Spread the submerged lamb chops flat in the basket, even if there is no meat on the bones, do not overlap. Set to 200 degrees Celsius for 8 minutes and turn on the air fryer.
  • Finally, take out the lamb chops and put them on a plate. The time can be adjusted appropriately according to the degree of cookedness and tenderness of the meat.

8. Garlic croutons

  • Serving size: 4 servings
  • Preparation time: 3 minutes
  • Cooking time: 5 minutes

Raw Materials

  • Six slices of sliced bread
  • Appropriate amount of edible oil, garlic powder, salt


  • Cut the sliced bread into evenly-sized pieces and put them in a bowl.
  • Pour an appropriate amount of cooking oil on the bread, so that the bread can be evenly covered with oil, not too much.
  • Add garlic powder and salt, and shake to make the seasoning and bread cubes evenly contact.
  • Pour the prepared bread cubes into the frying basket, put it in the air fryer, and set 180°C for 5 minutes.
  • Finally, take out, and cool thoroughly to enjoy the crispy bread cubes.

9. Fried pork ribs

  • Serving size: 3 servings
  • Preparation time: 5 minutes + 1 hour Yanze
  • Cooking time: 12 minutes

Raw Materials

  • 300g bone-in short ribs
  • Appropriate amount of cooking wine, soy sauce, oil consumption, etc., or other seasonings you want to use


  • Cut the small row into even small pieces, wash and dry, add all the seasonings, and mix evenly.
  • Let it stand for 1 hour.
  • Spread the small row evenly in the frying basket without overlapping parts, put it in the air fryer, set 180°C for 12 minutes, and start running.
  • When heating to 6 minutes, pause the air fryer, take out the frying basket, turn over all the small rows, put it back in the air fryer, and run.
  • After cooking, take it out and eat it while it is hot, or it can be eaten as a snack after cooling.

10. Ground Sanxian

  • Serving size: 3 servings
  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking time: 20 minutes

Raw Materials

  • 2 uniformly sized potatoes
  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon pepper oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon chicken essence
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon oil
  • 1 g salt
  • 1 tablespoon chicken broth
  • 1/2 teaspoon starch
  • Moderate white pepper and onion powder
  • Garlic slices and minced ginger
  • Proper amount of bacon and chopped green onion


  • Peel the potatoes and cut them into thick slices; cut the eggplant into chunks, pour into the frying basket, put it in the air fryer, spray a little cooking oil, and heat at 200°C for 10 minutes.
  • When heating, wash the bell peppers, cut them into pieces, heat the potatoes and eggplants for 10 minutes, then pour them into the frying basket, and continue to heat the three ingredients together at 200 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes.
  • When the air fryer is turned on, mix soy sauce, pepper oil, chicken essence, sugar, oil consumption, salt, chicken broth, starch, white pepper, and onion powder into a sauce.
  • Separate the wok, heat a little cooking oil, stir the garlic slices and minced ginger, add the bacon and green onion, then remove the potatoes, eggplants, and bell peppers from the air fryer, pour them into the wok, pour the sauce, stir fry and mix well The pan is finished.

Which air fryer did you ultimately choose? What delicious dishes have you prepared using the air fryer?

Please let us know in the ‘Leave a Comment’ section at the end of the article!

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